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Tis the Season for Cleaning

Once more the holidays are upon us. It is time to drag out the Christmas lights and Santa Figurines. When I was growing up, it was also time to clean out all the stuff that we had accumulated over the course of the last year.

My Dad purposely kept all of our Christmas decorations stored in the back of the storage room and closets. He knew that this meant we would have to dig everything else out to reach them. He called it spring cleaning in November and I have to admit it was a pretty good system.

Every family, large or small accumulates a lot of things over the course of a year. Out grown clothes and toys, broken items, that you meant to fix, and junk that you just kept in case it had a use later. Now is the perfect time to clean up, clean out, and discard.

With family and friends coming to visit, extra room is always needed and besides whom among us doesn’t add a fresh layer of goods, every year at this time. Getting rid of the old makes room for the new.

I still use the same system my father did but I have found a way to one up him. Instead of hauling everything out to the street and leaving an unsightly pile on the road side and risking a ticket from our city or hauling it to the dump myself in loads. I call and have a dumpster delivered to my door. This makes the cleaning out process much simpler and easier to accomplish.

You just throw all your unwanted items into the dumpster and call for a pick up when it is full or you have finished cleaning out. No muss, no fuss, and much more economical than you would at first believe.

When you factor in your time, fuel, and the dump fees you will pay by doing it yourself, hiring a dumpster can be the most economical way to go.

Wouldn’t it be nice to amaze your family and friends with how neat and tidy you keep your home. Every year I hear comments on how people wish they could stop their families from collecting so much stuff and how much trouble they have finding room for the new items that they accumulate over the holidays.

I don’t share my secret with many but now you know. Just have a dumpster delivered to your house and follow this one simple rule. If you haven’t seen or needed it in 12 months, throw it away. Odds are you won’t miss it in the next 12 months. Of course by then it will be time to clean out again.