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Need A Dumpster For National Clean-Up Day?

Many people know September as the time when kids go back to school, but it is also the time of another significant day – a day that helps to better the world, National Cleanup Day. This day falls on the third Saturday of every September and is designed to help make Earth a better place by removing trash.

Organizations and individuals both engage in National Cleanup Day. They go around outdoor spaces of all kinds and do their part to help.  Here are some areas that are often cleaning targets:

  • Parks
  • Trails
  • Neighborhoods
  • Public Spaces
  • Beaches
  • Mountains

Anyone can participate in National Cleanup Day, and there might already be groups in your area. This link:, provides you with a number of the partners for National Cleanup Day. That doesn’t mean that you or your workplace can’t create a group.

If you create a group make sure that you get all of the supplies that you will need. An essential item is trash bags. Depending on how many people will be helping and where you will be working, make sure that you come prepared with enough bags. We also highly recommend that you have gloves to protect participants’ hands. Some areas might have hazardous pieces of trash like broken glass to syringes.

Those who are participating in a group might want to consider having a dumpster for National Cleanup Day. A dumpster helps to give you an appropriate way to dispose of all of the trash that you pick up. Especially in heavily used areas. Many groups can find corporate or business sponsors that will pay for their dumpster. Talk to local companies, especially those that are eco-conscious. Let them know what you are planning, the group size, and why you need a dumpster. They may decide to do more than help with the cost of a dumpster. We have seen plenty of businesses who make it a volunteer opportunity for their employees.

Making sure that you are renting your dumpster from a reliable waste company such as WasteAway. Find a rental company that will guarantee that the garbage is disposed of properly. You would hate to turn all of your work into more pollution. Are you participating in National Cleanup Day? One day a year can make a massive difference to our planet. The amount of trash that litters our landscape is disturbing and removing as much as possible is essential. Make your commitment today by scheduling a dumpster.

For more information on dumpster rentals contact WasteAway at 919-621-9111.