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How Does Dumpster Rental Work?

At some time in one’s life, you may need to dispose of large amounts of stuff. Broken furniture, exercise equipment or appliances are not usually picked up by curbside services. Some places offer an annual “large item” disposal service, but that is not always convenient to one’s needs. Depending on the trash removal services in the area, a dumpster rental may be the way to go.

Many people only think of the commercial use of dumpsters for businesses or construction sites, but anyone can order a dumpster. It is a simple one-call process.

Uses of a rented dumpster:

If you are an independent, do-it-yourself kind of person and are going to give your home a renovation, dumpster rental is a must. Whether you’re going to rip out walls, windows, doors or anything else, the most efficient way to get rid of construction trash is a dumpster. There will be no need to break down items to fit into smaller trash containers. Most curbside trash collectors do not accept construction trash because landfills will not allow it so that a dumpster may be your only option.

Moving out of a home usually involves some serious cleaning out of old and unused items. Who wants that stuff cluttering the new house? Bookshelves, tables, furniture, exercise equipment, bicycles, or anything that you want to get rid of will fit nicely in a dumpster.

Yard projects, especially large ones involving lots of tree trimming, shrubs, old play equipment, patio furniture, hot tubs or gazebos can be handled with a dumpster.

How it works:

So now that there is a project to do, how do you get that dumpster? Call a dumpster rental company and talk to a representative. Describe the project you are doing and the representative will help you decide which size dumpster you will need. Dumpsters are renting for blocks of time (by the day, week or month), so they will need to know how long you will need the dumpster. You will receive a quote that includes delivery and pick-up of the dumpster, the length of time the container will be used and the disposal of the items in the dumpster. Be aware that some companies have a maximum weight for the dumpster which is usually quite generous, but if you plan on filling the dumpster with rocks or concrete slabs you may go over this maximum and incur additional fees. Then you just scheduled a drop-off and pick-up date.

Placement of the dumpster will have to be truck accessible. The area must be level. Most people have the dumpster placed in their driveway or a side yard next to the house. Some neighborhoods allow dumpsters to be placed in the street for short periods of time but check with the municipality because a permit may be required.

Once the dumpster is delivered, you just start filling it. Refuse cannot extend above the top edge of the dumpster, so place all large items in the dumpster first and then add smaller items. If there is more trash that you need to dispose of, you can call and have them deliver another container (for additional delivery and pick up fees).

As you see that full dumpster being driven away, you can revel in the idea how much less clutter there is in your house – like the weight of a dumpster has been lifted off your shoulders.

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